Account Roles

There are three types of account roles when accessing and managing your account. Check out the differences between being an Account Owner, Account Manager and an Account Member below.

Account Owner: You're financially responsible for the entire account. You have access to all information and you can also manage all lines on the account. There can only be one registered Account Owner.

Account Manager: You can do everything an Account Owner can, except for assigning other Account Managers and changing the billing password. You'll have financial access similar to the Account Owner and a soft credit check will be conducted on the Account Owner when you attempt to complete a transaction. This is a type of credit inquiry that won't impact their credit score. Account Owners can assign up to three Account Managers.

Account Member: You can access information and functions for your own line but you won't have access to sensitive billing information. Everyone except for the Account Owner will start as an Account Member.

Role access Account Owner Account Manager Account Member
Account management
Assign Account Managers Yes    
Change billing password Yes    
Change/reset voicemail password Yes Yes Yes
Manage profile settings & personal preferences Yes Yes Yes
Billing & payment
Add saved payment options Yes Yes  
Apply for Verizon Visa card Yes Yes  
Enroll in paperless billing & auto pay Yes Yes  
Make one-time payments Yes Yes Yes
Setup recurring payments Yes Yes  
View bill Yes Yes  
Plans & devices
Add a new line of service1 Yes Yes Yes
Cancel pending order2 Yes Yes  
Change plan & manage data Yes Yes  
Generate a number transfer PIN to port out mobile Number Yes Yes  
Purchase content for phone Yes Yes Yes
Purchase & manage add-ons and featured apps Yes Yes  
Purchase & manage device protection Yes Yes  
Upgrade phone line on account1 Yes Yes Yes
View usage Yes Yes Yes
Purchase accessories Yes Yes Yes